Hexcrawls: Placement

When you have hexcrawls, you have hexes, and they have a certain diameter. Usually six miles or so. Now when they are plains you can easily see all towers, castles etc. within a six mile hex, but if they are wild crags and hills, or deep woods, then it can become important where inside the hex something is located. Also, sometimes more than one thing can be within six miles, say, a village, a monastery and a crossroads. But where is what?

Here is a tip from “The Retired Adventurer“.

I would like to do a “repost”, but with the difference in platforms it seems impossible. So here is the link,

and here is the gist of it:

  • Divide the hex into six triangles, joining their points in the center.
  • Roll a d6 and a d4
  • The d6 tells you which sub-triangle to place the item in.
  • The d4 tells you how far the group has to travel into the hex to find the item, with 1 being at the rim and 4 being in the center of the hex, and 2 and 3 a third or two thirds in, respectively.
  • To avoid cluttering of the center, The Retired Adventurer proposes to roll d4-1 (or a d3)

More details about the annotation can be found in the original blogpost.

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