Wasters: Raiding the Raiders

A week has gone by since the last mission, and the police still begged for someone to steal their uniforms back from the Street Cats. And still neither Kendal nor any of the others were too keen on doing that. But then a new mission came up on the board: “Disrupt the Block”, it said: A mission to make trouble, start fights, set things on fire. The best part: The mission patron was the Radiant Family! The brotherhood was stepping up their game, it seemed.

The target block was the one east of the Radiant Family shop, a formerly unclaimed block that had since been taken over by Raiders.

Bloody Raiders

Raiders: The crazy maniacs who bathed in blood, wore the faces of their enemies for masks, and plugged metal implements into their bodies to enhance their speed and armor class. Wasters had time and again learned that there was no talking with Raiders: It was kill or be killed. A worthy mission, then! And a chance to work on a positive relationship with the Radiant Family. Plus, a chance to make money, because the payout was quite nice too.

Parking Space

We noticed two interesting Ronin on the market: Strong and tough Raisa, and the well-armored Beijing. Raisa was annoyed by our inept attempts at hiring her and left in a huff. Beijing wanted to make a name for herself, so we promised her good, notable fights, and she said yes.

Then we took the car and drove right up to the Radiant Family. We found the one guy who spoke English in addition to the Family-language Tagalog, and bought tear gas grenades for the grenade launcher from them, to establish a working business relationship. We promised to become customers in the future, promised to do the job well, and parked the car right at their place. Then, trusting their shop guards to be more competent than they let on, we went into the danger zone on foot, carrying gasoline and weapons to make serious drama.

We also mentioned that we would come back periodically during the mission.

Hunting Grounds

On foot, we entered the area, which had been unaffiliated, but had now fallen prey to Raiders. Numerous spikes with severed heads mounted on them signalled clearer than gang tags who held sway here. Soon enough we met a group of six, who attacked us. Falling back and firing in groups we slowly thinned them out, but three still made it into melee, while seven others came from the other direction. And Beijing, the new hire, already showed her skills as she left dent after dent in the assailants, shoulder to shoulder with Kendal and Snake Tooth. Not a combat monster like fallen Stepan or Raisa. At the same time, the others fired at the newcomers. As the first group was taken out and the second group took first losses, the second group turned and ran.

We scouted the block and found only 1 stable building that was in use. So our mission demanded that we take this one building out.

Slaughterhouse Strategy

We checked it out from all sides and found it a 50 x 50 square building with a big front door, as smaller side door and a fire door. The support bot flew up to the roof and found that it was basically a slaughterhouse, with human carcasses and parts of humans adorning the walls.

Through one skylight there was a group of raiders and feral dogs visible.

So we pooled gasoline down at the front entrance, then Diamondback was to drop gasoline and a grenade into the room with the dogs.
The rest of the team climbed up onto one rickety roof to get a line of sight on front and side door. Kendal ready to ignite the gasoline at the front door with a flare pistol.

Fog of War

When Diamondback dropped in her gasoline and the grenade, the guys were just leaving. Through luck she still got a good number and wounded several. Someone went out the front and Kendal lit him up — he fell back inside, wounded.

Then machinegunners came out the side, to be taken under fire by the team. They went down, just as a crowd of dogs came out. They were also shot at, but three of them ran away… only to find Diamondback alone and on the lee side of the building, so without shooter support.

Diamondback fled up a rope lightning fast and barely made it, and she only had a small pistol, but was ready to drop the dogs one by one, when some other dude came out of the front entrance and took her under fire with a shotgun. So she battled it out with him instead, and won.

The group on the roof had little options to move, but by taking down whatever showed up in their sights, they took down the Raiders population some good deal, while the fire roared at the front entrance.

The group sustained several wounds in combat, but they dished out a lot of damage and won a string of encounters. They collected enough wins to destabilise the Raider presence, actually fulfilling the success criteria set for the mission.

— making the way back next session.


Wasters: Snips Saga | Wasters game

Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash

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