The Age of the AI

Everyone talks about AIs replacing GMs.
The results of such experiments seem to vary wildly depending on the input,
and there are several examples going around, it is old news, I will not bother with it.

One guy went a different way and tried an AI replacing all the players, leaving the only human in the room to be the GM.
His writeup about that is here:

An idea for lonely evenings!
I was impressed by this particular example because the human is actively derailing the game – and the AI was surprisingly sensible in detecting the derailment and taking it as a joke. I would not have expected the Bot to identify human fart- and poop-humor so accurately, and to do its very best to safe the story. Only when the human insisted it was not a joke – that was when the bot went along, trusted the human, took it seriously, and crashed the game.

One can argue if that is the bot being gullible or the GM destructive, but that is not the point.

The point is: The AI can play as multiple personalities.
That made me wonder, why not make the whole table AI? Doing away with human meddling altogether. Lots of AI-roles playing with itself.
And I took the very same adventuring party, the one that the GM with the poop-adventure initiated, and sent it into the arms of an AI-GM.

Here is the result:

I want you to pretend to be three adventurers in a roleplaying game: a first level wizard named Albore; a second level fighter named Violet and a first level cleric named Sam. And you are also the Gamemaster, setting a scene in a small tavern deep in the forest.

As the adventurers enter the small tavern, the smell of freshly brewed ale and the warm glow of the fireplace greet them. The tavern is cozy, with wooden tables and chairs scattered around the room, and the walls adorned with hunting trophies and weapons.

Albore, the young wizard with a pointy hat and a staff adorned with magical runes, scans the room with curiosity. Violet, the battle-hardened fighter with a scar across her cheek, keeps her hand on the hilt of her sword, ever vigilant. Sam, the pious cleric with a holy symbol emblazoned on his shield, nods to the bartender as he enters.

Bartender: “Welcome, travelers! What brings you to our humble abode?”

Albore: “We seek information about the ancient ruins deep in the forest. Have you heard any tales of mysterious happenings in that area?”

Bartender: “Aye, the ruins! They’ve been a topic of local folklore for generations. They say it’s cursed and haunted, but no one has dared to venture there in years. The forest has become dense and dangerous, with whispers of dark magic lurking within.”

Violet: “Hmm, sounds like our kind of adventure. We’re not afraid of a little danger. Can you give us directions to the ruins?”

Bartender: “Sure, but I must warn you, it’s a perilous journey. Head north from here, follow the winding path through the forest, and look for the ancient oak tree with a mark of a crescent moon. Beyond that, you’ll find the ruins.”

Sam: “Thank you, kind sir. We appreciate your warning. Do you have any provisions that we can purchase before we set out?”

Bartender: “Indeed, we have some dried rations and potions for sale. Stock up, and may the gods be with you on your quest.”

The adventurers purchase some supplies and share a meal in the tavern, discussing their strategy for the journey ahead. They gather their gear and bid farewell to the friendly bartender, stepping out into the dense forest with determination in their eyes.

As they make their way through the winding path, the forest grows darker and more foreboding. The air feels heavy with an otherworldly energy, and strange whispers echo through the trees. Albore casts a protective spell to ward off evil spirits, while Violet keeps her sword ready for any potential threats.

After a few hours of trekking through the wilderness, the adventurers finally spot the ancient oak tree with the crescent moon mark. As they approach, they notice a faint glow emanating from a hidden entrance at the base of the tree.

Albore: “This must be it! The entrance to the ruins.”

Violet: “Stay on guard, everyone. Who knows what lurks inside.”

Sam: “I’ll be ready to heal any wounds. Let’s proceed with caution.”

The adventurers descend into the darkness of the ruins, their torches flickering as they move deeper into the unknown. They encounter traps, puzzles, and eerie undead creatures along the way, relying on their skills and teamwork to overcome the challenges.

Finally, after what feels like hours of exploration, they reach a grand chamber with a pedestal holding a powerful artifact. But before they can claim it, a fearsome undead guardian rises from the shadows, ready to defend its treasure.

Violet charges forward, clashing her sword against the guardian’s rusty blade. Sam invokes the power of his deity, channeling healing energy to keep his companions on their feet. Albore unleashes a barrage of magical spells, blasting the guardian with fire and ice.

The battle is fierce and intense, but the adventurers fight with all their might. After a grueling struggle, they emerge victorious, the guardian crumbling into

freeze frame, record scratch.

At this point, the text character limit ran out.

We learn:

The AI started okay enough, but decided that a tavern scene was not sexy, so it cut that short and started a whole adventure (a very generic one), then cut THAT short, so we are left with a pretty bland non-adventure.

It misses the spark of creativity. The spark of chaos and, yes, poop, for even the poop-adventure was more of an actual adventure than this devolving weaksauce.
Still, not too shabby for a dead pile of plastic and metal; and a human playing all alone with himself won’t do much better.

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